Eric Hicks, who is currently serving as an assistant chief and fire marshal within Everett Fire, will be sworn in on January 11, 2017 in the wake of the
retirement of current Chief Murray Gordon. He takes on this new position with 22 years of firefighting experience under his belt, including but not
limited to serving Everett as a fire inspector, fire fighter and investigator as well as his current position.

He is stepping into the shoes of Chief Murray, an Everett native who has served our community for 40 years. He has served in his current capacity since

“I joined the fire service because I enjoy the sense of community that comes with this role, and the opportunity to improve someone’s life on a daily basis,”
said Hicks. “I have great respect for the men and women in our department, and it will be an honor to serve as their chief.” He also steps into his
new role with the distinction of being the first African American Chief in his history of Everett.

Besides rising to the position through hard work and dedication, Hicks has also been hand-selected for the position by Mayor Ray Stephanson. In the City
of Everett release, Stephanson is quoted as saying, “Eric has been an incredible leader and example within the department. He and I share a vision
for an effective, community-based fire service that adapts to the changing needs of our city.”

Hicks is from Seattle, served as a volunteer and salaried fire fighter for King County before joining Everett Fire in 1999. You’ve likely seen his face
before, as he’s been central to many investigations and commonly appears on the news and social media news sites. We look forward to many years of
his service and dedication.