“Our elderly patients, or patients with babies, are having to park across the street at Rite-Aid or WinCo and cross the heavy traffic on foot. It’s a hard
walk for them, especially if they’re not very mobile,” says one staffer, who took the call from Everett Post. 

When the new Sonic on 116th in Marysville opened up, traffic was so thick and backed up that it turned I-5 into a parking lot on the right-hand
lane. If you love burgers and the nostalgic feel of driving up to a stall and pressing the button for an order and a carhop, the wait in line was worth

Those who frequent the MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care next door, who were forced to miss appointments or were delayed in receiving prompt care due to unprecedented
wait times in traffic, were likely not so enthused about the presence of the new drive-up eatery.

“It’s hard, having to accept patients who arrive angry. They find they have to re-route, park long distances, or walk in the rain[…] When Sonic first
opened, we (the employees of Indigo) had to park across the street and cross 116th ourselves just to get to work.”

Due to congestion, getting out of the lot isn’t much easier, and those who are sick and in need of care need to “get in, get seen, and get home.”

In order to investigate fully, the EP contacted the Sonic for comment. One staffer helpfully shared that they’d hoped it wasn’t as big of an issue now
that business had died down since the grand opening, they did obviously offer their own parking stalls, and that employees did their best to help direct
traffic when congestion rose.

Upon speaking with the General Manager of Sonic, she denied any knowledge of the issue and ended the call.


Image courtesy of Google Satelite