Night of Christmas Jingles has been growing in popularity and becoming a local holiday staple for nearly twenty years now.

While it is a Christmas festivity, what sets this one apart is that it’s meant to hone in on what can be forgotten during the hectic holiday season; that amidst the obligations, travel, keeping the kids busy and yes, even the financial strain it can impose, celebrating with family and neighbors should lie at its heart.

And that’s what April VanAssche has been cultivating with her family and hordes of volunteers for going on two decades.

It starts with making the event free; just bring an unwrapped, new toy and know that that toy will be appearing in local homes and making an impact in the life of local families.

Though the event is growing and growing, April keeps the premise simple: it’s about children and families. Expect to find Santa, music, homemade desserts, plenty of good food, and a professional photographer for your family photos.

The event takes places at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish and is heavily supported by the Snohomish Kiwanis organization.

This year you can enjoy it at 11805 Springhetti Rd in Snohomish, from 6p to 8p on December 8th.