North Sound Snow This Week


While kids are excited, moisture from a Pacific weather system diving southeast from the Gulf of Alaska will spread over the cold air in place with snow developing today and tonight. This always makes for messy driving conditions, and potential school delays, generally a nightmare for parents. Hey, we’re used to it right? Given weather around here is terrain driven, that fact will clearly be demonstrated not only today, but this week with a complicated weather pattern that will tend to evolve each hour and explain why there are such wide differences from one location to another.

This incoming weather system will also generate a healthy south wind with milder air. That will result in the snow turning to rain by tomorrow morning. Yet, the colder air will likely hold firm in the North Sound tonight, resulting in a wide range of accumulating slushy snow from 2 to 6 inches before changing to rain by tomorrow morning. Higher terrain and locations like the Sky Valley and Stillaguamish Valley where the cold air will be trapped, can receive even higher snow amounts. Expect more snow in the mountain passes too.

The unseasonably cold weather is not over yet as well. The threat of more snow will continue into this weekend with high temperatures hovering near 40 degrees and lows dipping to near or below freezing each night resulting in icy roads. Additional incoming weather systems will offer more terrain driven weather challenges and begs monitoring the latest forecast from the weather page that provides site-specific forecasts for your location.

If roads are icy and snow covered, do not drive unless you vehicled is properly equipped. This means four or all whell drive with snow tires, studs or both, and make sure you have chains in the vehicle whether you need them or not. It’s a hefty fine to not do so. It’s a requirement by law. Be safe, winter is upon us, be prepared. Have water, snacks, and extra blankets or jackets in the car should you get stranded. This is espcially needed is you need to travel the passes where lengthy delays are common.