America did not invent carbonated soft drinks, but they most certainly have woven their way into the fabric of pure Americana. Orca Beverage Soda Works
in Mukilteo understands the power and significance in sharing that with modern consumers, in a world where mid-century values have mostly gone the
way of the dodo bird. Times will always be changing, but sometimes it’s ok to sample from the waters of yesterday. Or in this case, the Soda Fountain
of yesterday.

Myself and Stitch Mitchell (the morning DJ at KXA’s Classic Country 1520) were honored with a personal tour from Orca’s own Sales Manager, Jan Tenzler.
We began in the small, open office space, where the CEO answers the incoming calls.

Established in 1987 by Michael Bourgeois as a man with a dream and idea, it has now become the leading manufacturer of vintage glass-bottle cane sodas,
with the capacity to mix, bottle, seal and ship over one-hundred different flavors. Bourgeois himself was busy on the production floor at the time
of the tour, but took a moment to say hello.

The allure of their brand is meticulously crafted to really pack a wallop, from the custom caps to the cardboard boxes the bottles ship in. And it works,
capturing nostalgia as easily as time travel from the 1950s to today. “We bottle memories,” says Tenzler, gesturing towards the bottles of Dad’s Root
beer patiently waiting to be filled.

The sodas themselves “make great gifts,” Tenzler goes on to say, because of the commonality and tradition that they represent. “Nearly everybody can reach
into a carton and say, ‘hey, remember when…’.”

Although their drinks can be found on opposite ends of the globe, that doesn’t mean you won’t find them at a local big-chain grocer or even a corner store.
There is someone in your life who would enjoy a trip down memory lane- grab them a cold drink, toast to the warmer weather on the way, and take the
time to indulge, in both memories and a little extra time shared.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out or give them a call at 425-349-5655.