The phrase ‘free of charge’ just became real. The Snohomish County Public Utility District is offering a $400 account credit to customers who recently purchased an EV (electric vehicle). As Snohomish County continues to reduce its carbon footprint by using clean energy production with hydropower, wind, and solar resources, this latest offer incentivizes the public to follow suit.

Electric vehicles (EV) have become more common in recent years, with charging stations being offered at grocery stores, convenience stores, car dealerships and more. PUD wants people to know that it can be just as easy to charge EVs at home.

“For some folks they don’t understand how cheap it is to charge an EV at home,” says Snohomish County PUD PR and Media liaison Aaron Swaney. “Especially when it’s 95% clean energy being used, and gasoline isn’t being used anymore.”

The account credit is non-refundable and is meant specifically for charging EVs. Although for every new or certified used EV recently purchased from a franchise dealership, another credit is added.

The PUD also offers customers up to a $500 reward for the purchase and installation of a qualifying Level 2 Energy Star EV charger in their home, encouraging the public to make the shift away from internal-combustion engines.

The PUD also has tips to increase energy efficiency in everyday situations, including keeping your thermostat as 55 degrees at night and 60 degrees during the day, servicing your furnace annually, and replacing old windows with doubled paned glass.

Swaney says, “It means lower bills and helps PUD serve all customers efficiently; it’s a win-win situation.”

In addition to their EV Free Charge offer, the PUD is now adding new DC Fast Chargers in downtown Everett. These can recharge an EV in only 20-30 minutes. Adding high powered chargers to more locations in the community will combine conservation and convenience, with the incentive for the public to change to EVs.

“We know that electric vehicles are the future and that’s where we’re headed and we’re the providers,” says Swaney, “Understanding how all of this works is important.”

The PUD also plans to open this summer, their $12 million dollar Arlington microgrid. What is a microgrid?  A microgrid is a self-sufficient energy system that serves a specific geographic area, such as a college campus, hospital complex, business center, or neighborhood.  It is a separate entity but connected to the main power grid that utilizes renewable energy. It will act as an emergency power back-up since it can be disconnected and used to serve a specific location.

If you are eligible for the Free Charging Offer, visit for the application and learn about Snohomish County PUD’s conservation work.