All apartment homes at Marquee feature hardwood flooring and contemporary lighting.

The newest addition to the Everett skyline and located in the heart of downtown Everett, lies the Marquee Apartment Building at 2721 Wetmore Ave, across the street of the Village Theater and just steps away from the Funko HQ store.

With a walkability rating of 95 out of 100, living downtown has never been easier. This 6-floor urban oasis has latched on to the up-and-coming Everett landscape and has built from the ground up, a sanctuary that is sure to please anyone who is lucky enough to walk through its doors.

Nicholas Partlow, Property Manager for the apartment building and Skotdal Real Estate emphasized the importance of connecting with the history of downtown. “We are seeing everything expand greatly, so we wanted to be a part of that and also pay homage to Everett’s history.”

The 77-unit apartment complex has updated finishes and features such as stainless-steel appliances, hardwood-style flooring, and windows that are just shy of floor-to-ceiling. “You have a view from almost every single apartment,” said Partlow. Some of the corner units have both east and west-facing windows which offer residents a view of the mountains in the east and the water in the west.

The architectural design is what really separates the Marquee from other apartments downtown. The front of the building is curved to model the curve in the nearby plaza while pulling in the theme of the Marque and theater located across the street. The glass on the railings of the west-facing balconies was designed to mimic the shape of old movie reels, connecting the old with the new.

Partlow explained that even the theme on the inside of the building is a tip of the hat to anyone who enjoys theater or entertainment, “Each floor has its own description, we have an opera floor, a jazz floor, and a comedy floor,” said Partlow. The apartment homes aren’t tailored to the themes, but each floor has a mural that lets you know which floor you’re on.

Skotdal Real Estate pulled out all the stops to make sure that this multi-million dollar building is one of a kind. “If you have one of those portable AC units with the hose, we have a port in the wall that you can directly plug that hose into the wall which helps you not take up space in your window or block your view,” said Partlow. Additionally, solar panels have been erected on the roof to generate some power for the building with the idea of being more environmentally conscious.

As of now, the top floor has already been rented out as well as the 5th floor and efforts to fill the 4th floor are underway.

This location allows you to catch a Broadway show, go to a Silvertips game and stop by the local farmers market all in one weekend, just steps away from your home. Coffee shops, breweries, and plenty of restaurants await your arrival, only at the Marquee apartments.

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