This year, the City of Everett introduced an updated Snow and Ice Plan to take on inclement winter weather, with the goal of being ahead of freezing or snowy weather more than ever.

The plan, abbreviated to S&I Plan from ‘Snow and Ice Control Plan’, was specifically put in place to tackle conditions that may arise “for when freezing weather affects road conditions.” All street personnel are to remain on call at all times for S&I responses, including normal days off and scheduled vacation days, and the City will coordinate with Transit, Everett Police Department, Everett Fire Department, Public Works and WSDOT as a wrap-around approach to cover all angles.

When temperatures drop to freezing, night crews will swap to sanding trucks and begin monitoring hills, overpasses and bridges. As ice forms, the Heavy Equipment Operators monitoring the streets will contact dispatch in order to alert the night shift street supervisor, who is then at liberty to begin calling in additional personnel to stay ahead of potentially dangerous road conditions.

The City of Everett, WSDOT and the Snohomish County road department have all agreed to allow inter-agency sharing of sand stock piles, to avoid interruptions in laying down sand.

And what about plowing? Plowing the roads will occur if the snow on the roadway rises to two inches, unless shifting weather conditions indicate a warming or wet trend that would obviate the need for plowing. Priority for plowing is gen to the central business district of Everett.

To avoid flooding, snow and ice that has been plowed will be taken to a dump site, where the runoff can safely collect away from roads or residences.

Plow drivers are advised to avoid blocking driveways, alleys or points of egress, but if you should find yourself with a giant pile of snow at your property, it falls to the property owner to clear it. A map of primary and secondary priorities for plowing can be found here.

Stay safe!