The Rotary Club of Everett is putting on the fundraising event, “An Evening With Roy Firestone,” with an eye turned towards raising funds for the Rotary Youth Foundation. The Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides college scholarships, community gardens in the Dominican Republic and clean water projects in Panama.

Roy Firestone is a seven-time Emmy award winner and seven time ACE Award winning host, narrator, writer, producer and interviewer.

The event takes place on November 19th at the Everett Civic Auditorium on 24th and Colby. Doors open at six pm, and the show starts at seven.

What’s something that makes you nervous? I am not comfortable talking about religion. I know absolutely nothing about organized religion and while I certainly respect anyone’s faith… and I mean ANYONE… I am not equipped to talk about religious ideas.

What is a scent that reminds you of home and why? I love the smell of pine needles. I love the smell of a burning fireplace and holiday smells like cinnamon and spices.

Ever been to Everett before? Yes, a couple of times. I love the community.

Can you share what drove you to take on your early career? I was batboy for the Orioles baseball team and wanted to interview the players […] I used the microphone to entertain the players on the clubhouse… as a “kind of child performer.”

What’s the oldest thing you keep around the house that you still use? (Yourself excluded.)

I use the first record player I had as a kid… I’m a 45’s guy and I have old jukeboxes and record players around my house.

For Thanksgiving, will it be ham or turkey? Always turkey.

A funny story about being a batboy or intern? I was told by the players to look for the “keys to the batters box” and “find us some left-handed bats” Like an idiot I thought both were real … but then, I was so nervous I thought it might be real.

Another Voice was released not too long ago. What made you tackle that project? It’s my dream to have recorded a musical CD and sing with my authentic voice. The CD was produced by Grammy Award nominee Dan Kuramoto of the fusion band Hiroshima. I am so proud
of this CD.

Where do you keep those seven Emmys? Bookcases all over the house.

Describe a time during interviewing that changed your worldview. Arthur Ashe. I asked him what his greatest regret was in life. He said, “In all my travels I can’t get past the fact that every group, every color, every faith, every kind of people have to beat up on one another”… it made me realize how stupid and senseless and unproductive hate and hostility is in the world. I was moved by Arthur’s comments.

Who is someone influential that helped shape you as a person, and why? My father of course, who was smarter, funnier, and wiser than me. Also, people like my mom who showed me the beauty of acceptance and tolerance.

What trends in professional sports do you expect to see changing over the next five years? I think live events will basically be attended by mostly the wealthy and the TV packages and streaming will be the way people even watch the game… fewer and fewer big events will be televised for “free.”

Describe something you find to be challenging about interviewing? How do you keep it relevant and on topic? I find it challenging when people are reluctant to talk… or too shy, or frankly, not self-aware.

What is something about you people might find surprising? I sing. I write. I am a storyteller. And sportscasting was by far, less interesting to me than music. I love and live music in my life… sports is a distant second.

Purchase your tickets at or email [email protected]. And of course, save $20 off your ticket with the coupon code “ROTARY.” See you there!