The PUD launched deployment of its Connect Up program in August. To date, they’ve installed approximately 1,000 electric and water meters in the Mill Creek and Lake Stevens areas, respectively. Overall, the PUD will exchange more than 380,000 electric meters and 23,000 water meters over the next two to three years.

What is Connect Up? The Connect Up program is a multi-year infrastructure and technology improvement project. The new metering infrastructure and technology are key to enabling the PUD to better serve its customers/owners in the future. The benefits of the Connect Up Program include improved customer information and tools to better manage their account, more efficient outage restoration and improved reliability, improved rate designs to better meet customer needs and preferences, the ability to offer Distributed Energy Resources like solar power and on-site energy storage and demand-side management programs like new rate designs, and increased energy efficiency/conservation options and renewable energy integration.

All meter exchanges will be completed by PUD staff, who will be wearing PUD and Connect Up-branded clothing and have their PUD badge visible. Prior to their exchange, customers will receive a variety of communications, including a letter, postcard, and email.

The PUD began exchanging electric and water meters on customers’ homes in August of 2023. Exchanges of commercial and industrial meters will begin in late 2023. This is a significant undertaking as the PUD has more than 380,000 electric meters to install and 23,000 water meters.

All meter exchanges will be completed by PUD staff and should not take more than 10 minutes for electric meters and 30 minutes for water. Though there is a brief interruption of electrical and water service due to the exchange, the PUD aims to make the process as convenient as possible and appreciates your patience.

Prior to an exchange, PUD customers will receive a letter, postcard and email making them aware of the pending exchange.

What can you expect during your exchange?

A PUD employee will knock on your door prior to installation of the new meter. If there is no answer at the door, the installer will proceed with installation.

For electric meters, exchanges will typically occur between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Water meters exchanges will typically occur between 7 am and 3 pm.

It’s important that PUD installers can physically access the meter on your property. To help facilitate installation, please trim any vegetation, and remove any obstacles near the current meter on or near your home.

Our customers’ safety, security and privacy are our top priorities. PUD employees will be conducting all meter exchanges and will be wearing PUD and Connect Up-branded clothing and have their PUD badge visible. If you have any questions about your exchange or a person at your door claiming to be a PUD employee, please call 425-783-1070. Our Customer Service Representatives can confirm the identity of all PUD employees and assure customers that the exchange is legitimate.