Many of you may be familiar with the Sno-Isle Library system, but some of you may not be.  This is a remarkable experience existing right out your door.  While we all look for activities to occupy our time, one of the best is to further our education and interests, especially for our younger members who are so lacking the social contact they are accustomed to and need.  During these difficult times, and with 25 locations, they have continued to serve their communities in an unprecedented way with common sense solutions.

Their website is amazing, comprehensive, and very user friendly.  You can search their site for arts and crafts for children, family activities, gardening, or anything else that might grab your attention.  Explore it at

Do you know you can order and check out books online, pick them up with no contact and return them in the same way? Or even at a book drop?  Do you know all returned items are quarantined for four days before being released again?  Do you know they have online storytimes for children?  Do you know they have summer reading programs for kids and teens alike?  Do you know they have special events like escape rooms for teenagers?  Do you know they have all kinds of audiobooks for pickup or online access?  Do you know you can check out audiobooks, movies, and videos digitally?  Do you know you can research your genealogy at Sno-Isles?  Do you know they have vast business resources you can access with a click of your mouse?

Their benefits are too many to list.  You can access this immense system with a library card that you can apply for here:  Their bookmobile visits underserved communities twice a month to ensure everyone has access to a library.

And further, they offer comprehensive information regarding much-needed assistance including food banks and financial help.  Find those here: Should you see this story with a friend and not have access to a computer, call them at 360-651-7000 (local) or 877-766-4753 (toll-free) for additional help in securing relief.