Yea, I really like Them Snohomish Apples!

I’m a Dakota gal. But today I became licensed to drive, and a registered voter in Washington State. I-5 traffic aside, I love everything about Western
Washington in general; and Snohomish County, in particular. I mean, everything (and this is why you will continue to see my name pop up in the byline).

Leaving the prairie and two amazing jobs, one in radio and the other at a tribal college, took a great deal of convincing by my fiancé, but I haven’t looked

The first time I actually saw an apple tree, I was driving across U.S. HWY 2 with a pickup bed full of everything I own. As I approached the town of Wenatchee,
I knew I wasn’t in Kansas (North Dakota), any longer. And obviously I knew that apples came from trees but as abundantly as they grow here? Wow.

On Sunday, my new friend Jane Cameron invited me to pick apples at the fruit tree orchard she and her husband Gomer share and love in Arlington. I jumped
at the chance! And pardon me for the cowboy idiom, but it actually was my very first “apple picking” rodeo. There was a learning curve for me. I was
cautioned, “The Wolf River aren’t quite ready!”, “The Boskoop are falling by themselves and should be picked first!” and the Gravensteins ….”ohhh,
the Gravenstein’, they will be ready next month!”


As we approached our destination, we noted an elegant, generous man in his mid-seventies, face to the sun, holding a Wolf River apple in near reverence.
Oblivious to we nosey North Dakotans, he proceeded to bite into its juicy deliciousness. We knew we had reached the Cameron orchard.

It was Gomer Cameron’s dream to own a fruit orchard. He loves apples. Jane says that when Gomer needs to think he will announce that he is going into the
orchard “to play.” He spends several hours a day in his orchard, no doubt plotting, planning, picking and savoring. Like most things in Gomer’s life,
he has apple farming down to a science, making certain the “fruits” of his harvest are available from late July until December.

With a twinkle of her own happiness in her eyes, Jane says fondly of her husband, “Those trees are loved.”


Several of the trees at the Cameron orchard were so heavy with fruit that one strong gust would have surely shook them to the ground. Already the Cameron’s
have had to reinforce scaffolding and platforms in order to keep the trees upright this season, which they say has been the best growing season since
they acquired the orchard.

I brought my apples home, and set immediately to making an apple pie. If I can give you any closing apple pie baking advice it would be this; When it comes
to apple pies at least, don’t let your fiancé get overexcited! Let your pie set the 3-4 hours that the recipe recommends.

Happy Picking!

Please enjoy this personal and enthusiastic opinion article from Colette Keith. Colette is a recent transplant to our region and a frequent contributor to The Everett Post. Check back for more of her articles.  ~Bonnie Johnson, Editor