Press release from Snohomish County Public Works: 

Snohomish County Public Works Solid Waste will close its Southwest Recycling and Transfer Station (SWRTS) near Mountlake Terrace May 6-26, 2024, for tipping floor repairs.

During this time, commercial haulers and residential customers can visit the county’s two other facilities, the Airport Road Recycling and Transfer Station (ARTS) in south Everett, and the North County Recycling and Transfer Station (NCRTS) in Arlington. Residential customers can also visit any of the county’s three drop boxes.

More than 400 customers visit SWRTS each day. Nearly 151,000 customers visited the facility in 2023.

Built in 2004, SWRTS has squeezed a couple of more years out of its floor’s expected lifespan of 10 years when significant repairs are needed. The county last replaced the floor in 2012.
Solid Waste Director David Schonhard said the floor is showing its age from wear and tear.

“The floor is uneven in areas due to high usage. We see water pooling in various places. The concrete around our trash chutes is worn down,” he said. “This floor has taken a beating and is long overdue for a replacement.”

The new floor overlay will cost $1.3 million, which will be paid from solid waste tip fees. The material used will consist of a high-performance polymer cement mix with artificial aggregates. The new floor is expected to outperform its previous version in terms of compression and abrasion resistance. With heavy machinery weighing more than 27 tons rolling on and scraping the floor seven days a week over months and years, the facility would benefit from a smoother and more durable surface. Public Works officials expect the new floor’s composition will reduce the number of short-term repairs, and closures, that took place over the past decade.

“Public Works tirelessly explores new ways to stretch service fee and secure the county’s investment in vital infrastructure,” said Public Works Director Kelly Snyder. “We’re confident that the public will appreciate this new process that extends the life of county assets.”

Public Works is planning to repair the tipping floor at ARTS in late 2024 or early 2025.

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