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Editor’s Note: We occasionally hear from one of our younger readers. Below is an explanation of STEM from one of those. Many of us did not grow up with these school courses. He exemplifies our future. As a school assignment he had to explain it and have it published. We at the Everett Post are proud to accommodate him. Ben Marx is a junior at Mountlake Terrace High School.

By: Ben Marx

STEM! Something you’ve likely seen on posters and leaflets when in the vicinity of a participating school, or maybe seen online in an ad for said schools. But do you really know what STEM is? If your answer is no, then fear not! I’ll be explaining that for you shortly.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Occasionally they throw in an A for art and make it STEAM, but for some reason, not here (which is funny, since we’ve got quite the great art program as well). If you sign up for a STEM class at Mountlake Terrace High School, you’ll get your fair share of each of those four topics, as well as many more!

MTHS is one of the best schools to offer the STEM program. Along with our prestigious engineering classes and clubs, we’ve also got an amazing music program (yes, you can participate in both STEM and music) and many other very amazing activities, both during and after the actual school day!

The program is split into three pathways, each with their own unique topics and curriculums. There is bioscience, where you get to look into cool projects like genetic modification, there is computer science, where you make your own games and programs, and last, but far from least, there is aerospace, in which you can study and sometimes build all sorts of different planes, rockets, and flying machines.

The classes alone are not even the best part though! The people in those classes and clubs are what make them such a great experience. From what I’ve seen, STEM students are both very similar, but also, incredibly diverse! You will not struggle to find someone whose brainwaves align with yours, but just like snowflakes, you also will not be able to find two exactly alike! The community surrounding such an amazing set of activities is very interesting, exciting, and most of all, welcoming!

So, what are you waiting for? You can visit the MTHS website right now MTHS Website, and find information on the program, as well as the information to contact those who know more about it! You can even sign up from out of district! I hope we see you soon