August 12th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm is the spot to bring Spot. Mutt Strutt is back for it’s annual event, known far and wide to dog
enthusiasts. This admission-free venue is organized by Everett Parks and Community Services, and held next door to Everett Animal shelter,
who also supported the effort.

The event begins with a community dog walk at 10:15 along the shores of the Snohomish River. If the lure of a long walk and food trucks don’t draw
you in, perhaps the free microchipping clinic will. Thousands of pets go missing every year, and microchipping significantly increases the
likelihood that your dog will be returned to you if they somehow slip out of the gate or out of your hands. Peace of mind is hard to come by,
and getting it for free is nearly impossible, so please take advantage of the opportunity.

“This event has it all,” according to Dee Cordell, the Everett Animal Shelter Operations Director. “A walk along the Snohomish river, vendors selling
cool pet stuff you can’t find in big box stores, crazy competitions for your dog, and pet adoptions. There really is something for every canine.”

As you check out the vendors, make sure you get sign offs for your raffle passport. The raffles themselves will be drawn at noon and two pm. You
also have the unique opportunity to watch the Police K-9 demonstration from 12-12:30.

If you think your furry friend is up for the challenge, consider bringing him/her by the for a Canine Good Citizen evaluation, which will be conducted
by the Snohomish County Licensing & Animal Control Services, by certified evaluators. It’s a ten step process that takes about twenty minutes,
which was developed by the American Kennel Club. If your mutt passes muster, they’ll walk away with a certificate of completion and a ribbon.
It’s also free, and even if you don’t walk away with a ribbon, it will be worth a good laugh or two.

The other competitions include racing and showcasing. To be fair, the races are broken down by relative size and breed, in order to keep mastiffs
from sweeping the teacups in the twenty-yard dashes. Consider the Big Dog Derby, Dachshund Dash, Pug Chug, or Tea Cup Trot. The show cases
range from the toilet-paper leash obstacle course, longest tail and ear measurements, catching, musical sit, hurdle jumps, most tricks in 45
seconds, and, of course, Best Dressed. Don’t worry, the races are enclosed, so you won’t be putting that microchipping to good use right away.

Be sure your dog has up-to-date vaccinations, is on a six foot non-retractable leash, and is licensed before you show up, for the health and wellbeing
of all your friends, four-footed or otherwise. Other contributors to the Mutt Strutt include Snohomish County Licensing & Animal Control
Services and Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital.

Show up early and start introducing your dog to some new friends, as well as signing them up for the races. The address is 400 Smith Island Rd
in Everett.