Summer PUD Projects To Hit The Road


Each summer, the power utilities that serve the North Sound have crews out in the field conducting key maintenance, fresh installations and trimming vegetation away from power lines to enhance reliability during the winter storm season.

Snohomish County PUD just announced what their key summer plans are. Their biggest project will be construction of a second transmission line to Camano Island, greatly enhancing power reliability to island customers. Construction of this project will start in July with five miles of new line running along Highway 532 to the PUD’s Camano Substation. Minimal traffic impacts are expected, but traffic control will be in place as needed. The in-house project cost is planned to be around $8 million.

Once this transmission line project is done, the PUD plans to expand and update the Camano Island Substation to replace aging equipment, and adapt and stay ahead of island’s population growth. In addition, the PUD will also perform maintenance on the original Camano Island power transmission line.

PUD Assistant General Manager of Distribution and Engineering Guy Payne noted, “Because PUD line crews will be performing this work, we will save money and time. Another positive to keeping this work in-house is that we know our system intimately and our high standards, allowing us to be efficient and maintain the high level of quality to which we’re accustomed.”

Another annual project is tree trimming. Not only will PUD crews perform a lot of trimming on all four circuits running out from its South Camano Substation, a dozen crews will be trimming trees throughout their service area this summer. Each year, the PUD’s Vegetation Management team trims trees along close to 450 circuit miles, keeping trees and limbs from potentially interrupting power service during storms.

The PUD also plans to conduct maintenance and install additional equipment at three key substations, including Edgecomb near Smokey Point, Sky Valley near Monroe, and the Harbour Point substation.

To help with summer road construction projects, the PUD will partner with road crews to accommodate these projects including one in Lynnwood along 43rd Avenue and another near 36th, plus another job along the Everett waterfront.

On top of all these projects, the PUD also plans to treat thousands of power poles and replace hundreds of aging poles, and swap out dozens of miles of underground cable that have reached the end of their lifecycle.

This summer, give PUD crews room to do their work and thank them as they help ensure North Sound power is more reliable heading into the winter storm season and beyond for a growing region.