About eight years ago, an evening campfire bonded together a new family of its own, taking shape in the form a favored childhood fantasy: getting a band
together. With skill, elbow grease and perseverance, what began as an idea as malleable and undeveloped as a fresh ball of clay was formed and hardened
in the kiln of time, to become what it is today, known as the Harvey Creek Band.

So, how do two MRI techs, a firefighter, a medical engineer, stay at home mom and dental hygienist come together and manage? Their roots, as all do, start
small. There’s a mind-boggling amount of young talent detailed in their bio (below) which makes the child in me – who was doomed to practice the plastic
recorder in fourth grade, out in the back forty because I was so woefully terrible at it – take note with no small amount of latent childhood jealousy.
If my poor little fourth grade soul was able to make barn cats howl, mid-day, with a single, off-key attempt at scales, then Harvey Creek embodies
the perfect counterpoint in their natural ability and seemingly easy grasp of all things harmony and mechanics.

Bob, one of the founding members, is among the rare self-taught. Lito was a closet player since age fifteen until he landed in their nest, Trent set the
guitar aside in grade school, only to circle back in adulthood while abroad in Holland, while Brianna and Julie were raised to hit a pure note from
early life.

There are unique challenges that arise when young, family oriented people have to put their talents and schedules together to make progress. “You just
have to make it a priority, and make it work,” says Julie. Children come along to practice, you find yourself heading out to jam after a twelve hour
day, meals and commutes can be harried or extra stressful, and as with any good family, you know that your time and dedication are important, so it’s
a must to show.

The behind the scenes support is vital to their continued success, not just at practice, but at home. Since coming together, Trent’s wife Megan has evolved
into their sound engineer, and Traci, Bob’s wife, is described as the ‘nerve center’ for the group. That they look beyond the circle of the instruments
and into their homes and own families lends credence to their familial, friendly vibe. The other key component? “Group messages. Lots of group

All the members agree, it’s a dream worth living, now that it isn’t just one being chased. Upcoming highlights for HCB include performing the National
Anthem at Trace Adkin’s showing at the Evergreen State Fair on Sept 1st, Loco Billy’s in Stanwood August 12th, and two of their own sets
on September 2nd, also at the Evergreen Fair, if their rendition of the National Anthem draws you in. (Trust me, it will. Just go ahead
and plan on going.) With a personal goal of performing at least once a month, HCB is well on their way to over-achieving over the summer and next few

Please check out the bio, below. You can like and follow them on Facebook, and get photos and their schedule as it updates: https://www.facebook.com/HarveyCreekBand/

Bio, as pictured, left to right

Bob – no professional training, sang some in church. In high school joined the acapella and jazz choirs. Considered moving from southern Oregon
to Edmonds to attend Edmonds Community College and try out for the choir there. But I didn’t know how to read music, so I went to X-ray school. I am
self-taught on the guitar and mandolin – mostly from YouTube. I’ve never been in any other bands.

Lito – Acoustic guitar, bass, Harmonica, and back-up vocals. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since I was 15 but usually just by myself. Never
been in any band or perform in anyway shape or form in front of people.

Trent – Started guitar lessons in grade school, but got bored playing nursery songs and gave it up to ride dirt bikes. Picked it back up while living
in Holland and played with friends at a pub in Eindhoven.

Brianna – I grew up taking piano lessons and went to music camp as a kid. I was in band in elementary school, an audition-only choir in middle school,
and a show choir in high school. Music has always been a part of my life in some way and it’s so fun getting to share it with others.

Julie – I started music at the age of 7 when I received a guitar for Christmas. I started taking lessons at the local music store until age 15.
I learned to read music right away and my teacher eventually taught me classical style fingerpicking which has always been my favorite. I started singing
in choir in middle school and continued all through high school. I had a low voice and usually sang with the boys. As an adult, and missing music,
I joined a barbershop style all women’s choir and sang bass with them for 7 years until our growing family made it too hard timewise (around 2002).
After that I never sang and rarely played my guitar until the BBQ when Bob showed up with his guitar – this must be about 8 years ago. The rest is

Joel – I started playing drums at the age of 8. I’ve taken lessons, been self-taught, and played in school bands when I was younger. I’ve played
in other bands over the years, church bands, a grunge band called Soilpipe, and now currently with Harvey Creek. I play the drums, guitar, piano, and
sing bass/baritone vocals.