The response from all you readers was amazing.  With your help, and getting the word out, birds are being saved from this bird -disease outbreak.   This affected the North Sound communities in a huge way, as it came down from Canada into our north counties.

As a result of your actions, many wild birds have been saved.  Please continue.  With Pandemic noise, this story was lost.  WSFW was thankful for us spreading the word and for your monumental response.

A new update was released from Dr. Kristin Mansfield from WSDFW.  “You can help to stop the spread of salmonellosis by discontinuing backyard bird feeding until at least April 1, to encourage birds to disperse and forage naturally.” This alert may be extended.

Not having feeders up will not leave the birds hungry.  They are natural foragers, however congregating at feeders and suet blocks will spread this disease, leaving dead birds.  Once this subsides, you can put your feeders back up and watch as they return to their known feeding grounds.

Please spread this update through all of your social media as you did last time.

Check back for updates on when it will be safe to feed your birds.  Here are some helpful links:

WDFW’s online reporting tool or Frequently asked questions on salmonellosis in wild birds