The city of Everett has ongoing multiple projects this summer that may impact you. Why always in summer? Because they cannot do them in the rainy Northwest during the winter.

There is bridge retrofitting work so you won’t fall into the water. There are multiple others including sewer work and maintenance. The one that will impact you the most is street resurfacing. This work will continue in various areas through September.

Please remember to give these folks a BRAKE, as in your car to help keep them safe. They are making the roads pothole free, bicycle friendly and beautifying them as well with landscaping for the benefit of this wonderful community.  Here are some links to help you navigate so you can avoid getting stuck in traffic.

There will be signs posted for detours and sometimes only one lane through major thoroughfares.  Street closure notices will be given ahead of time to residents and businesses. You can get around this by taking other routes when possible. With that in mind…

Here is the link to City of Everett Projects:

Here is the link to the interactive map showing impacted neighborhoods: