Excuses to Come Together – The Creation of the Hand Huggy 

Joshua and his fiancé, Stefanie, were walking through the woods in Monroe hand-in-hand on a crisp December day. He noticed that the hand in his pocket
was warm and the hand holding hers was cold. Despite switching sides and hands, he was unable to warm her hands. He conceded defeat to the weather
and unclasped hands with his beloved and allowed both hands to retreat to the warm pockets. But he did not give up; he would enjoy the intimacy
of long walks holding hands in cold weather.

“Someone should make a mitt for couples,” he stated. “Yes, someone should,” was her sweet reply.

After some thought, he began to work on doing just that.That Christmas vacation he visited the owner of Eulogia Studios (his mom) and they made a couple
mitts big enough in which two people could hold hands. They realized that other couples would also like to share intimate moments (holding hands
while walking together.)

With this in mind he set up to assemble dozens of Hand Huggys in the next month. During the third week of January, he shipped some to his favorite
podcasts including Stuff You Missed In History Class. The Hostesses, Holly and Tracy, loved them and boasted about them on their ‘A Brief History
of the Pieta’ podcast. Thanks to them, more couples were able to be enjoy the outdoors that Valentine’s season.

As spring came, he closed up shop and waited for the fall.

As September rolled in, a few local businesses showed interest in providing them to their customers. Stoney Creek, Christian Armory, and Lovers Naughty
or Nice in Monroe picked some up as well as Artisans Mercantile in Historic Downtown Snohomish. You can visit them to pick up yours.

When asked why he is doing this, Joshua said, “I would like to help people connect. Simply that. There is enough in our world that keeps us apart from
each other, so I enjoy overcoming them in any way so that people can connect on deeper levels. And the Hand Huggy is another way to do that. My
hope is to give people excuses to come together. We have so many excuses to keep us apart.”