(Photo taken by Nathan Senff)


On the Everett High campus, as of last week, displays the school mascot,the seagull, and the letter “E” to show school spirit.

Written by: Nathan Senff

A decision after a tree was uprooted on the campus of Everett High School allowed for students and community members to be creative.

On the corner of 25th street and Colby Ave. on the Everett High School campus sits a rock. This rock is not just a rock, but a rock of creativity.
Students, staff and community members help create a colorful and decorative symbol for the school and the community of downtown Everett.

Michele Waddel, assistant principal at Everett High School, said the rock was given to the school when a tree was uprooted on the street corner.

The uprooting of the tree convinced an ASB member’s parents to donate a rock for the street corner for leadership purposes.

The decorating of the rock has been a tradition 10 years in the making.

ASB President Elect Gabe Maggio said the rock brings a positive image to the school campus and makes the students and community feel closer together
by portraying what we feel, see and do.

Some of the paintings the rock has displayed have been shamrocks, school logos and seasonal backdrops.

Maggio said community members chime in when students start painting the rock for the next design. It just makes the rock even more interesting as people
look to it in anticipation of what is to come.

But the best display Maggio said was the Halloween jack-o’-lantern. “The bright orange just grabbed people’s attention.”

Besides the fun seasonal paintings the rock has also served as a way to represent people of the school and community.

Last August, Maggio said, a teacher passed away and the rock was a big part of mourning and yet a way to celebrate.

One simple thing such as an uprooted tree can lead to a big meaning.

Maggio said, “the rock of creativity is to commemorate, advertise and display how Everett High School students and staff closely connect to each other.”

(More Pictures to be added soon)