Halloween returns with ghosts and goblins visiting your door, frightening you with trick or treats. If curious about the mysterious history of Halloween, read the story on everetpost.com. The story describes the evolution of Halloween going back more than 2,000 years.

To add to the ghostly fun, the Everett Post Media Team has a special Halloween radio drama, starring all your favorite on-air personalities from Classic Country KXA and Everett’s Greatest Hits KRKO.

The Halloween special radio drama is entitled The Legend of the Lost Logger of Lake Stevens, and is found on the home page of the Everettpost.com, The Lost Logger

The drama is based upon a true story – a tragedy from over 100 years ago when Lake Stevens was young, and turns into a legend, a mystery of missing people years later. The Lost Logger

Will you be able to solve this mystery?  Who did it?  Why? Will it happen again? Listen to this special Halloween radio drama through Halloween night at The Lost Logger.

The drama also involves the moon that this year on Halloween will involve an eerie first quarter phase peering out from passing clouds. Hollywood can do no better! Have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy The Legend of the Lost Logger of Lake Stevens.