Once upon a time, Trader Joe’s Everett customers had to deal with tight parking and taut nerves as they tried to squeeze into the 50 odd spots available to them at the 811 SE Everett Mall Way location.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending; Trader Joe’s has moved to a new location inside the Everett Mall and will be enjoying much more spacious accommodations. When Sears closed in early 2020, the large retail space was left empty and now Trader Joe’s will be occupying part of that space. The national chain of neighborhood grocery stores celebrated this grand opening on Friday, March 8th at 8:00 AM with a ribbon cutting lead by Store Captain (manager) Scott Gundlach.

Immediately after the doors opened, Trader Joe’s Crew Members welcomed the flood of customers waiting outside to their new, bigger, brighter neighborhood store with an expansive parking lot. Within minutes, employees were already helping attendees find loaded potatoes and grabbing extra packages of rice for people in the checkout lanes.

“Turn out was amazing,” Said Gundlach. “Everybody is so excited for more parking space!”

In a press release, Trader Joe’s emphasized its pride in hiring where their store is located. Hiring efforts are still underway and anyone interested in applying can visit traderjoes.com/careers for more information.

In addition, through the company’s longstanding Neighborhood Shares Program, the new Everett Trader Joe’s will donate 100% of products that go unsold but are still good to eat and enjoy to a range of non-profit, community-based organizations. Currently, donations are being made to the Everett Gospel Mission and the Community Resource Network.

The Everett Mall welcomed a Chick-fil-A restaurant in December 2023 and the rest of the unused space left by Sears is planned to be filled by an At Home store. The current owners of the mall, Brixton Capital, have more plans for the largely empty shopping center in the years to come.

Everett’s State of the City event on March 21st will be held at the Everett Mall in a soon-to-be reopened wing. Perhaps attendants can grab some Joe-Joe’s and pizza chips before Mayor Cassie Franklin’s address.

Watch the Ribbon Cutting Here!