The recently commissioned USS Ralph Johnson is making its way to it’s new homeport this Friday, April 27th. It will be the sixth of its kind
at the port, alongside of USS Momsen, USS Shoup, USS Gridley, USS Kidd, and USS Sampson. She has been commissioned for service only since March 24th of this year.

It is the first warship to be named after a Medal of Honor recipient. Private First Class Ralph Henry Johnson was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
At the age of nineteen, and having served for only two months, he threw himself upon a live grenade in order to shield two fellow Marines, on March
5, 1968. The Medal of Honor was for his “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity.”

The ship is lead by Commander Jason Patterson, and includes 314 officers and enlisted personnel. “The officers and crew of USS Ralph Johnson are thrilled
to be joining the Pacific Northwest Navy,” said Patterson. “Our arrival to our homeport of Everett, Washington marks the end of an over two year journey
for the crew through the pre-commissioning process. We look forward to joining our fellow shipmates on the Everett waterfront.”

The statistics included in the Naval Base Press Release include:

Measurements – Length of 509 feet, beam of 66 feet, and navigational draft of 31 feet Propulsion. Four GE LM 2500 gas turbine engines drive twin controllable

Displacement – Approximately 9,300 tons.

Speed – Capable of achieving over 30 knots in open seas Aircraft – Two LAMPS MK III MH-60 B/R helicopters.

Armament – The Integrated Air and Missile Defense radar provides increased computing power and improved detection and reaction capabilities, as well as
ballistic missile defense. The Aegis Combat System enables the ship to link radars with other ships and aircraft.

Lastly, the ship’s motto: “Swift Silent Deadly”.




Navy Press Release dated 4.20.18