It’s a vibrant tradition that this community has embraced for over 100 years: The Kla ha ya Days Festival.

And although the circus is gone and the carnival has picked up and left for the year, the excitement is still there and the planning for next year
is already in full swing!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of this festival and the festival is already looking for eager applicants, especially those who wish to fulfill leadership

The qualifications to volunteer include loving Snohomish and living in the area. The role will include bringing the community together, and coordinating
and leading volunteers to promote the amazing creativity that makes Snohomish and Washington so unique.

The job starts October 1st—but there’s already work to be done! The preparation and dedication of all the volunteers makes this festival
pop each and every year.

Your community will thank you for taking part in the well-loved festival that unites the community.

If you want to volunteer, email your information to [email protected] or call 425-493-7824.