With the Atmospheric River (aka Pineapple Express) in full force, many impacts are being felt by local communities. Many rivers are at or near flood levels. Please monitor your local situation and local alerts for evacuation notifications at Snohomish County Real Time Gauges. After heavy precipitation and mountain snowfall, the snow level climbed back to over 9000 feet, sending the new snow as water into the rivers all over the Northwest.


With heavy rainfall and saturated grounds, many trees have toppled, causing power outages region wide. If you do not have back up power, remember to be safe. This includes not burning charcoal or grills indoors for heat and keeping a close eye on any candles and fires. Have extra blankets for warmth, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio for emergency communications. Visit Current Flood Levels for up-to-date information.

There appear to be many power outages across Snohomish County. See Sno PUD Outage Map for updates.