The anticipation is building.

It seems like yesterday that the announcement aired that Alaska Airlines will begin serving nine flights a day out of Paine Field, yet the work has
already begun.

According to Mark Reichin, the Chief Operating Officer of Propeller Airports, they have begun pre-construction work which includes surveying , identifying
the location for building footings, and locating utility lines; getting the site ready for construction. Construction is due to begin within the
next few months.

Once construction begins, Reichin says that it will take roughly a year from start to finish before flights will take off and serve the community.
From announcement to completion—that is a whirlwind.

“It’s exciting because it will promote economic growth in the county, provide eaiser access to flights,, while reducing county residents’ commute times
when they do have to travel,” Reichin said.

When asked if the growth in the county and the growth of Paine Field will negatively impact commutes and cause congestion, Reichin said it’s actually
the opposite.

“It will actually be the inverse,” Reichin said. “Commercial flights out of Paine Field will cut down on traffic heading toward SeaTac, reducing auto
traffic on I-5 by flying locally from Paine Field. This airport will serve the local community and enable easier access to commercial air transportation.”

A shorter commute? Less traffic? It’s every traveler’s wish within this area who knows all too well how the drive is headed into SeaTac. And starting
in the fall of 2018—that wish will come to fruition. More than a million North Sound residents will enjoy shorter commutes to the airport
and up to nine daily departures.

“This will make it easier for so many people,” Reichin said. “And will make travel less stressful.”