Your Next Favorite Book is Just Around the Corner

Audrey Kohler - Saturday, March 14, 2020
Your Next Favorite Book is Just Around the Corner


While Springtime is on its way to the Pacific Northwest, Winter hasn't quite yet lifted its silvery chill from our coastline. As raindrops run freely down window panes, sun peeks shyly from around their cumulus companions, and us locals are left to layer up the best we can to face the outdoors. What better time could there be to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book? Whether you are wondering where to weather the storm, or are on the hunt for your next read, you won't have to look farther than the Northern Puget Sound.

These three locally owned bookstores will charm you the moment you walk through their doors.


1. Everett Comics


On the corner of Wetmore Ave & Hewitt Ave, Everett Comics "zap-boom-pow"s its presence with a beacon of neon green and super hero smiles! Walking into this emerald feels a lot like stepping into a comic yourself; with the Batman signal shining confidently from the ceiling, Funko Pop! Figurines posed for action, and comic books lining the shelves in a full 360 degrees, one can't help but feel invigorated and ready to dive into the shelves.

"We try to keep a little something for everybody in the shop." states manager Brandon Ottenberg. It doesn't take long to recognize the impressive breadth of their selection. From Little Golden Books, to Superman, to Classics Illustrated, even 'Mystery Boxes' that contain a surprise assortment, Everett Comics carries highlights for readers of all ages and interests.

"My favorite comic has been Batman since I was five," Brandon states with a smile, "My grandma was an English teacher, she encouraged my parents to get us to read by any means necessary." Brandon continued, "So, one day my mom bought me Brave and the Bold...and it's still in my collection."

Founded in 1983 by Charlie Knoedler, Everett Comics will be celebrating their 37th year serving the community this October. Whatever title you are looking for, the incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff at Everett Comics will surely come to your rescue!


2. Uppercase Bookshop


Nestled in the city of Snohomish lies a haven of wood and paper. Walking into the Uppercase Bookshop feels a lot like putting on your favorite sweater; warm, comfortable, and something you'll want to reach for on any rainy day.

The two story log cabin houses hundreds of books, which huddle themselves contently between their shelves from floor to ceiling. A staircase rests in the heart of the structure, fairy lights coaxing you gently up to the second story.

This is when the magic happens. A reading nook complete with two armchairs, a sofa, suitcase coffee table, and a crackling fireplace greets you at the top of the timbered steps.

While Uppercase Books sells primarily books that were previously owned, they are also able to special order new titles. They also host a book club which meets on the last Wednesday of every month at Uptown Wine & Beer.

Additionally, the Uppercase team is organizing an upcoming mystery club that will gather together to solve fictional crimes in the second story of the bookstore. "Readers tend to be introverts..." Leah McNaught, one of the owners, jokes, "but once we can get together it's a lot of fun."


3. Wits End Books

Grove Street in Marysville holds on its street side a treasured gem. Aptly placed, stepping into Wit's End Books feels much like you've traveled through a thicket of trees and stumbled upon a mystical hidden grove of reading riches.

Books gather here as if they have themselves grown on branches, or wandered in from their own journey. It is so easy to wind up with a stack of titles in your hand!

Established in 2009, Wit's End Books has charmed the locals of Marysville for over a decade.

The combination of vendor booths and previously owned books makes this shop feel a lot like a treasure hunt. With artwork, jewelry, and more winding between the shelves, taking time to browse each section of the store truly pays off.

As you wander between the displays you can cozy up with a warm cup of coffee. "I always hope [our customers] feel happy and comfortable when they come in," Manager Roxy beams, "We certainly try!"

Wit's End hosts an Alchemy Fair on the first Saturday of every month at the Mirkwood Public House in Arlington. They are also set to host a four part Tarot & Oracle class series, and Psychic Fair Saturday on March 21st, 2020.

Wit's End Books is an enchanting experience and a trove for anyone who is looking for their next read.


The combination of knowledge, compassion, and character that each of these bookstores carry exudes from each venue. If you are looking for something to add to your reading list, or looking for a new spot to explore, sanctuary can be found right here in the Pacific Northwest.

To learn more about each bookstore and their upcoming events you can visit their Facebook Page.

Everett Comics: @EverettComics

Uppercase Bookshop: @uppercasebookshop

Wit’s End Books: @WitsEndBookstore







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