LOCASH admit that during the touring shutdowns that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo worried that their country music careers might be starting to fade.

“We thought they forgot us for a while,” band mates Preston Brust and Chris Lucas admit. But that all changed with their 2020 return to the top spot on country radio with “One Big Country Song,” after a four-year gap since their last number-one hit. Then, the 2022 ACM Awards nominations came out, and they learned they were up for Duo of the Year.

“It feels incredible. It’s great to be back, man,” they continue, adding that they’ve already got big plans to blow off a little steam while they’re in Vegas for the show.

“Gamble, eat sushi at KUMI…Chris has got to go to Sinatra, it’s his favorite restaurant,” Preston says, when asked what they’re most looking forward to doing in their down time. “Just kind of hang loose and drink a little bit, kind of lighten up, because we got kids at home.”

He jokes, “We got the IVs lined up for after the party!”

But when it comes to the awards show itself, LOCASH is all business — at least, sort of. The band mates joke that they’re working on rigging the Duo of the Year category in their favor with help from their buddy and one-time duet partner Jimmie Allen, who’s co-hosting.

“I texted Jimmie the other day,” Chris adds. “I was like, ‘I don’t care what name is in that envelope. If you’re announcing, you better say LOCASH.’”

The ACM Awards will take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on March 7. The event will livestream on Amazon Prime Video.

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