It’s always exciting to have a song go number-one at country radio. Dierks Bentley should know: He’s been at the top of the chart 21 times.

But his latest hit, “Beers on Me,” is extra-special: It’s a collaboration with two younger artists, Hardy and Breland, and marks Breland’s first-ever number-one hit.

“That was a big point of pride for me, helping an artist get their first number one,” Dierks says. “You know, I’ve had a lot of firsts in my career. You’re always looking for something new or exciting to get excited about. For me, that was huge.”

Breland wrote the song’s third verse, which he also sang. Without his contributions, the song wouldn’t be anywhere near what it wound up becoming, Dierks points out.

“I don’t think it would be a number-one song without the third verse he wrote and sang. He really took the song somewhere totally new,” insists Dierks.

It’s tradition in country music to celebrate a number-one hit with a big party, but after two years of pandemic shutdowns, it’s been a while since Dierks has been able to gather with his friends and team in person. His last chart-topper, “Gone,” never got an in-person party. But Dierks says that it’s important to him to give “Beers on Me” its moment.

“We need to plan some sort of party. We really do,” he asserts. “I’m not sure where it’ll be, but I’m sure there’ll be some free beer handed out, as the song says.”

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