Brett Young takes a positive approach to a broken heart in his new single, “You Didn’t.”

The simmering, R&B-leaning number finds the singer comforting the woman he loves who sadly didn’t love him back. But rather than making it a revenge anthem, the country singer takes a gentler approach, trying to ease her pain while he deals with his own. 

“I feel like it’s the most positive approach to a breakup ever,” Brett explains. “I think the subtext is that it’s very clearly a lie. It’s a guy saying he’s fine and then he understands he fell in love and she didn’t, but he’s lying. He’s still trying to take care of her in the process of getting his heart broken.”

The California native is known for releasing tear-jerking ballads, like the previous heartbreakers “Mercy” and “Like I Loved You,” which both topped the charts. Brett admits he’s not sure why country music fans gravitate to sad songs, but he believes “You Didn’t” is the perfect introduction to his next album. 

“[I] think it was such a fresh approach, and while realizing that country music fans really like to be sad for whatever reason, it felt like a good offering from this collection,” he says. 

Brett’s wife Taylor stars in the video for “You Didn’t.”

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