Carly Pearce says she is “getting better” following her divorce from Michael Ray

“I am grateful for quarantine,” Carly said during an appearance on friend Lindsay Ell‘s weekly online series Living wELL on Tuesday, saying it provided her with much-needed clarity. 

Carly explained that the whirlwind of life as an artist can sometimes be a distraction for how you’re truly feeling, and that being in isolation brought important revelations to light. 

“Quarantine was good to me. It showed me a lot,” she said. “I had to make some really big decisions for my own life and I feel like this is another time in my life where maybe I thought I had it all figured out and it very abruptly switched on me and I’m left going ‘well, what does this mean now, why did this happen to me?"” 

Carly also shared that she’s getting back in touch with the person she was before her breakthrough single, “Every Little Thing,” catapulted her to the top of the charts in 2017. 

“‘You knew what you had to do, you did it, and now you’re left going ‘what is coming?"” she reflected on her internal conversations. “In my life, it has proven to me when I do what I know I need to do and I don’t give up and I love myself more, I see why. I am hopeful and excited for what the next chapter holds for me.”

Carly and Michael wed in Nashville in October 2019. Carly filed for divorce in June.

By Cillea Houghton
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