Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber’s hit duet, “10,000 Hours,” became the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit this week.

The complaint, levied by Manufacturing Concepts, Melomega music and Sound Gems, accuses the artists of stealing the “core portion” of “10,000 Hours” from a song called “The First Time Baby Is a Holiday.”

“First Time” first came out over four decades ago, but the lawsuit states that it was re-released in 2014. Meanwhile, “10,000 Hours” came out in late 2019.

“Defendants’ theft is impudently bold,” reads the lawsuit. “One need only listen to ‘First Time’ and the infringing ‘10,000 Hours’ to discern the unmistakable similarities between the songs.” The suit also names Dan + Shay’s record label, Warner Music Group, as a defendant in the case.

The claim against “10,000 Hours” is reportedly corroborated by musicologist Dr. Alexander Stewart, a University of Vermont professor and a frequent expert witness in music copyright cases.

The plaintiffs are asking for credit on the track, as well as payment for damages and legal fees, plus an injunction to prevent further distribution of Dan + Shay and Justin’s song.

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