Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Dolly Parton has signed on for a project that nobody could’ve seen coming. She’s got a starring role in Taco Bell’s new musical, Mexican Pizza, according to CMT.

“Here it is y’all,” the country legend shared on her social channels, posting a picture of the script. “We’re making a musical about my favorite pizza, the Mexican Pizza. I can’t wait for you to see it!”

A little backstory here: Taco Bell discontinued its Mexican Pizza in 2020, along with some other fan-favorite items like the seven-layer burrito and cheesy fiesta potatoes. The removal of all three menu items caused an uproar, but apparently, the Mexican Pizza had a particularly fervent cult following — including rapper Doja Cat.

Cat went so far as to write a song asking Taco Bell to bring the pizza back, describing the result as a “monstrosity of a beat” and posting it on TikTok. But the post caught fire — after all, the rapper’s not alone in wanting to bring Mexican Pizza back. Over 171,000 pizza fans have a signed a petition asking for its return.

One of those petitioners just might have been Dolly herself. The singer is a self-proclaimed Taco Bell fan, who says she prefers Taco Supreme soft-shell tacos with sour cream, rice and beans and mild sauce.

When asked during an interview with Insider if Taco Bell should bring back the Mexican Pizza, Dolly was enthusiastic: “I think they should!” she said.

Apparently, no one can resist Dolly — or Doja Cat, or a petition with over 171,000 signatures — and so the Mexican Pizza is coming back this month. A week later, Taco Bell will go one step further, premiering the Mexican Pizza musical on TikTok on May 26 at 8 p.m. ET.

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