This week, Tucker Beathard officially set a release date for the second half of his debut double album, which began with 2018’s Nobody’s Everything. Part two of that project, a 13-track issue titled King, will drop on August 21.

In between the two bodies of work, Tucker has weathered painful personal tragedy. Late last year, his younger brother, Clayton, was murdered in a stabbing incident outside a Nashville bar. Tucker’s new album takes its title from Clayton’s middle name.

“For me, music has always been a way to escape,” the singer notes. “There’s a lot of things people are dealing with internally that they don’t have the words for right now, and I’ve learned that if I write from the heart, if I sing from that experience, I can be that voice.”

In coping with his own grief and hardship, he goes on to say, he has discovered new ways to relate to fans during what has been a tumultuous year on a global level.

“Some people can’t pinpoint what they’re feeling, but they can hear a song and be like, ‘Damn, that’s it,’ and I hope I can help them get there with this record,” he adds. “These songs mean a lot to me and I feel really ready to share them with the world.”

The same day he announced King’s release, Tucker shared the studio version of “Faithful,” a song that fans have been clamoring for since he began performing it on acoustic guitar over social media.

Here’s the full track list of King:

“Better Than Me”
“You Would Think”
“One Upper”
“20/10 TN”
“Paper Town”
“You On”
“Miss You Now”
“Find Me Here”
“Too Drunk”
“Can’t Stay Here”
“I Ain’t Without You”

By Carena Liptak
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