Many people look at Dolly Parton as a feminist icon, but she didn’t necessarily set out to be one.

In an interview with Salvation South, Dolly insists, “I’m not trying to do anything other than live by example. I’m a strong-minded woman; I work hard. I demand that I get credit for what I do, and certainly I make myself known if I’m working on a thing.” 

And while it hasn’t always been easy to break through in a male-dominated business, Dolly certainly doesn’t hold it against all men. “I know there are some bad ones out there, but there are some good ones, too! I always take that into consideration,” she says. “There’s a whole lot of men who are equally as for women as the ones who are not.”

Finally, Dolly shares, “There’s a lot of things men do that I don’t appreciate, but I try not to think it’s because they’re men. The same thing with women, too; there are a whole lot of women I don’t particularly care for how they do things.” She adds, “I may not respect how they go about things, but that’s their right. Whatever you are, do that! You’re just a phony if you aren’t doing what you think is right. Just open your heart, open your mind, and just let life flow!”

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