In honor of Father’s Day, Kane Brown is offering an honest take on his song, “For My Daughter.” 

The American Music Award winner teamed up with Vevo to perform a stripped-down version of the song, which he wrote for his eight-month-old daughter, Kingsley.

Kane sits poised in an intimate box-like room accompanied by a fiddle and acoustic guitar player, delivering a poignant performance of the song that finds him vulnerably sharing the kind of father he wants to be. 

“They say dad’s are supposed to shape you/In a way I guess mine did/I knew what I wouldn’t do/If I ever had a kid/They say history repeats itself/Well I guess that’s up to me/I grew up without a dad/I’m gonna be the best one I can be,” Kane sings. 

Kane released the song days after he and his wife, Katelyn, welcomed Kingsley into the world in October 2019. 

Kane announced last week that his WorldWide Beautiful Tour has been rescheduled for 2021, set to kick off in Texas in March.

By Cillea Houghton
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