Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, are a busy power couple juggling Kane’s demanding country music career with their home life raising two daughters together.

So when they get some time to themselves, they don’t usually spend it on a fancy night out at a club or a party. In a new Q&A video that shows the couple playing Jenga and answering questions, Kane and Katelyn agree that their perfect date night involves staying in.

However, they might have slightly different thoughts about the specifics.

“Netflix and chill,” Kane says with a big grin, when asked about his go-to date night idea. And while Katelyn’s on board with staying at home, she prefers different date night activities.

“I don’t wanna go out for a date night. I like to stay home, and sitting on the front porch and, like, drinking wine,” she says.

In the video, the couple also answers several more questions about Kane’s music and their life together, including sharing their daughter’s first word: “Daddy.”

Kane and Katelyn are partners in life, but on Kane’s new album, Different Man, they’re also partners in the studio. The pair teamed up for a collaboration, called “Thank God,” which appears on the album’s track list.

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