He may be the King of Country, but George Strait isn’t content to rest on his laurels. The living legend told Cowboys & Indians that he’s got his eye on making new music.

“I like making records and plan on doing another one soon,” George details. “I’m narrowing down my song choices now.”

He goes on to say that he’s a “melody guy,” so fans should expect any new music that comes to him to have a strong, catchy sonic delivery. “A great melody can sell a song the best,” the singer explains.

“A great lyric with a lousy melody maybe not so much, but a great lyric along with a great melody is obviously what you’re looking to create,” George continues. “There’s no specific message or mood that I’ll be shooting for. I just want to put together a bunch of good songs that stand out individually.”

George is such a legendary performer that he appears on top of the charts both as an artist and as a lyrical subject. This year, Scotty McCreery had a big hit with his ode to the King, “Damn Strait.”

When he thinks about furthering his musical legacy, George says he’s not opposed to the idea of being the subject of a biopic.

“I have given serious thought to a documentary,” he says. “Although I tend to procrastinate these days, so right now a thought is all it is.”


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