Luke Combs is filling in some of the blanks about his upcoming third studio album.

On Thursday, he shared the album’s title, which is Growin’ Up. That’s a phrase that will make many listeners’ ears perk up, since it all but confirms that the track list will include Luke’s unreleased fan-favorite song, “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old.”

The singer also shared the cover art for the project. Like Luke’s previous albums, Growin’ Up features artwork that looks hand-drawn. This time around, it’s a scene of people bellying up to a bar, chatting with friends and ordering drinks. Meanwhile, Luke’s picture is overlaid in the foreground of the image, with the album’s title written on his ball cap.

Hung behind the bar in the scene depicted on the album cover is a neon sign that reads “Ice Cold.” Luke didn’t say for sure, but that could perhaps be a nod to the lyrics of “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” one of the singer’s biggest hits ever.

Growin’ Up will have 12 tracks, Luke confirmed on social media. One of them, a track he’s been teasing called “Tomorrow Me,” will be out on Friday.

The singer previously shared that his next album will arrive in full on June 24.

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