Dylan Scott’s newest single, “New Truck,” is about getting rid of an otherwise-great vehicle because it holds too many memories of a lost love. In real life, though, he’d be much more likely to part ways with a truck because his mischievous young kids did something to ruin it.

“The kids are bad in a good way,” the singer laughs to ABC Audio, speaking of his two-year-old daughter Finley and four-year-old son Beckett. “They’re just all over the place getting into everything. So, makes my life fun.”

It might sound counterintuitive, but the chaos is actually good for his career. “It gets my mind off music here and there, so I don’t have to sit here and just think about music 24/7,” Dylan explains. “Thank God for kids and wives. It’s good.”

Of course, sometimes the two worlds intersect: For example, Beckett is a bit of a budding musician, and his favorite artist to cover is his country star dad.

“I got him a drum set. He wants me to play guitar with him so he can sing,” Dylan continues. “He sings all my music. ‘Hooked’ and ‘My Girl’ and ‘Nobody’ and all that stuff. So it’s cool to see that.”

As for the real-life inspiration behind “New Truck”? That just might be the first new truck the singer ever bought.

“My first brand-new truck was a Ford F-250. It was a few years ago,” he details. “Man, that was an awesome truck. I’m a Ford guy. I don’t have it anymore, though. I wish I did.”

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