Carly Pearce is always striving for new career heights, and she’ll be learning from the best when she hits the road with Kenny Chesney for his Here and Now Tour this summer.

As a live act, Kenny’s reputation precedes him: He’s known for high-energy shows and one of the genre’s most enthusiastic fan bases, which he’s dubbed No Shoes Nation.

“I’ve never experienced it. Obviously, I’ve heard of the unbelievable tour that that is, and the entity that the No Shoes Nation family is,” Carly tells ABC Audio ahead of the tour. “I feel so lucky and excited he’s bringing me out. I’m such a fan, so I’m really just excited, as a fan, to fangirl.”

One of country music’s hardest-working artists, Carly also says she’s already got her sights set on the follow-up to her September 2021 album, 29: Written in Stone.

“I’ve started to write for it, and I feel like I’m starting to really get some songs for it,” Carly hints, going on to say that she wants to make sure she brings her A-game to every record — and that takes preparation.

“I feel like you have to plan ahead so that you can keep things rolling and I always want to set the bar higher,” she continues. “So I’m excited about it.”

Meanwhile, Carly’s duet with Ashley McBryde, “Never Wanted to Be That Girl,” is steadily making its way up the chart. The song is currently inside country radio’s top ten.

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