In celebration of his new album’s release this Friday, Brett Eldredge will make a virtual stop at ABC’s Good Morning America next week to perform a new song, “Good Day.” His performance will take place during the 8AM ET hour on Monday, July 13.

“Good Day” is one of five tracks that Brett shared ahead of the arrival of the full project, Sunday Drive. He officially dropped the song in late May.

“In our society, everybody feels like we need to put on that perfect outer look. I got so tired of that. I didn’t want to do it anymore,” he explains of the song, which is a celebration of making the most out of every second.

“The song says, you know, [to] have the self-awareness…of being like, ‘I’m gonna make this a good day no matter what is thrown at me,’” Brett adds.

“Good Day” is the fifth track on an album that finds Brett looking inward, reflecting on himself as an artist and as a person and dialing in on the things in life that are the most important. To create Sunday Drive, Brett ditched his smart phone for a flip phone and a Polaroid camera, taking a much-needed break from social media in order to focus on his inner creativity.

“Gabrielle,” the leading single of Sunday Drive, cracked the top 30 at country radio.

By Carena Liptak
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