Jason Aldean completes an album long in the making this week with the release of Georgia, the second half of his 10th studio album.

The first half of the double project, Macon, came out in November. Though it’s now been several months since he put out the first half of his project, Jason says all the music for the two-part album was actually recorded at the same time.

“We finished the double album and really didn’t know what the plan was for it at the time,” the star tells ABC Audio. “We didn’t know if we were gonna put it out all at once, or how we were gonna do it. And we decided to break it up.”

As for the process of selecting singles, his approach is a little bit unconventional there, too.

“It’s different, for sure,” Jason acknowledges. “We’re kind of bouncing back and forth between records. The first single came off the Macon side. Second single’s Georgia. And now for the third one, I don’t really know where that’s gonna come from yet.”

He might not decide for sure what’s next until he gets feedback from a live audience. Jason’s Rock n’ Roll Cowboy Tour starts this summer, so he’ll get plenty of opportunity to bring the songs from his double album to the stage.

“For me, a lot of times, it’s trying some of these songs out live, seeing the reactions it gets, things like that,” Jason explains. “We go back out in July, so we’ll have a chance to start playing some of the new stuff.”

Georgia was released Friday, April 22.

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