Jason Aldean drops his Georgia collection today, and with it comes his tender new ballad, “Your Mama.”

“The one that brought you in the world / You’ll always be her baby / The one that makes it all okay when everything goes crazy,” Jason sings in the chorus of the song, which is a father’s ode to his wife — as told to their child. It’s a stand-out emotional moment on the track list, but the singer admits recording “Your Mama” fell outside his comfort zone.

In fact, it’s “so outta left field for me, something I would typically never in a million years cut,” Jason tells Billboard, adding, “I really just wanted to record it for my son.” That’s four-year-old Memphis, whom Jason shares with his wife, Brittany.

“It’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever done on a record,” Jason explains. “I’ve had this song for a few years and kept going back and forth on whether to record it. But with a double album, it was the perfect time to put it out there.”

Georgia is the second half of Jason’s double album. The first half, Macon, arrived last November.

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