Joe Nichols is living with an attitude of gratitude that’s reflected in his new single, “Good Day For Living.” 

The title track of his most recent album, “Good Day For Living” captures how he shapes his reality through positive thinking.

The song’s lyrics allow him to see the bright side of life’s unfortunate situations, such as when the air conditioning blows out or money falls out of his pocket. He vows to not make “no worry no bigger than it is when it isn’t.” 

Though Joe didn’t write the track, it does capture how he walks through life with gratitude.

“I think the number one take away for me emotionally is that it’s filled with gratitude, the kind of happiness that comes along with gratitude. In my personal life, I feel like the happiest moments of my life are always followed by gratitude,” he explains of the “fun song.” “That changes my perspective on the way I live. Situations or circumstances or things in life, good and bad, don’t change how I think — the way I think changes how I see things. So this song in a very lighthearted, ditty, ‘what’s a guy got to do’ kind of way, represents that very thinking.”

“Good Day” is nearing the top 30 on country radio, serving as his biggest hit since his 2014 chart-topping single, “Yeah.” Joe is also known for hits “Brokenheartsville,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Gimme That Girl” and “Sunny and 75.”

Joe wrapped his Good Day For Living Tour in September and has shows booked through the end of the year. 

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