Jon Pardi was an instant fan of his current single, “Last Night Lonely.” Even though the hit singer tries to write most of his own songs, he was so taken with the story that songwriters Dylan MarloweJoe Fox and Jimi Bell created that he knew it had to be his. 

“I thought it was really well-written song. Usually when I try to write songs, I want them to be really good, and this one was really good,” Jon expresses, citing his affinity for the lyrics and dance-friendly melody. “I think there’s a lot of great images, the lyrics that paint how this is a clever way of trying to meet somebody at a bar and hoping [it’s] your last night lonely.”

Also making an impression is his new song with Midland, “Longneck Way to Go.” The trio’s Mark Wystrach and Cameron Duddy say working with the hitmaker is a full circle moment, seeing as he gave the band a platform early in their career by taking them out on tour — making him an unofficial fourth member.

“Jon is somebody who’s championed us since the beginning. He took us out on our first real tour and we’ve remained friends with him to this day and he’s like the fourth member of Midland,” Cam says, jokingly referring to Jon as “our crazy cousin.” “Putting him on it really was like a cherry on top.” “Are we going to have to start splitting stuff four ways now?” quips Mark. “We’re going to have to pay him some sort of penalty for the setback in his career,” replies Cam. 

“Last Night Lonely” is currently in the top 20 on country radio. 

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