Jon Pardi’s Mr. Saturday Night album is now officially out in the world, and the singer says that fate and good luck had a hand in its success.

That’s because the title track — a key song on the album — could easily have been picked up by somebody else. He first heard it when he’d just finished making his 2019 Heartache Medication album, and he knew that he wouldn’t be going back into the studio anytime soon, so he let the song go — even though he loved it.

“I let it go back into the world, and hopefully, some other artist would cut it,” Jon explains during a recent appearance on CBS Mornings.

Fast forward a couple of years and it was time for him to make a record again. “My friend [songwriter] Nicolette [Hayford] texts me, she tells me, ‘Hey, don’t forget about this song,’” the singer continues.

“It was one of those moments where it was that one song that you didn’t know you needed,” Jon goes on to say. “I always say that music works in mysterious ways, and it’s a fun mysterious.”

Mr. Saturday Night arrived on Friday.

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