To ease the sting of a midlife crisis, a guy might dye his hair, buy a convertible or blow too much money on a pair of flashy shoes — but a “Midnight Crisis” isn’t quite as easy to remedy.

That’s the premise of Jordan Davis’ new release, “Midnight Crisis,” a play on words that dials into the loneliness of being all by yourself in the middle of the night and starting to miss your ex. “I’m wide awake, I’m playing back our history / All that I’m wantin’ is you right now / It hit me right out of the blue,” the singer croons in the chorus.

Jordan’s had good luck with duet partners lately — his smash No. 1 hit “Buy Dirt” was a collaboration with Luke Bryan — and this time around, he taps singer-songwriter and former The Voice champ Danielle Bradbery to join him.

Not only does Danielle lend her vocals to the song, but the two artists appear together in the music video, playing the roles of two heartbroken, lonely people drinking their sorrows away at a bar.

“Midnight Crisis” came out on Friday. You can listen to the song, and watch the music video, now.

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