Maren Morris’ “Circles Around the Town” is currently cruising up country radio’s top ten, but it was inspired by a very different time in the singer’s life: When she was new in town and struggling to gain traction as a country artist.

“I wanted it to be about the hustle that we all have coming to town,” Maren says. “…Where you really have to grind it out and figure out what you’re made of.”

For Maren, that meant making the journey from Texas to Music City, where she started getting in rooms as a country songwriter. But she soon realized that she was surrounded by people who were just as talented as she was and who’d been doing it a whole lot longer.

“And all the bravado and confidence and arrogance get stripped away really quick, when you realize that everyone around you is really talented. It’s not just you,” Maren points out. “And you need to take several seats for a while while you sit and learn.”

She brought the idea for “Circles Around This Town” into a writing session with several collaborators, including one she was particularly hoping to impress: singer-songwriter Julia Michaels. Julia started writing the song before Maren even knew she was doing it, she admits.

“Julia just started asking me about when I moved to Nashville, and ‘Where did I move into?’ ‘What car did I drive?"” Maren recounts. “…But what I realized later, is what she was doing was writing the song.”

“Circles Around This Town” is the lead single off of Maren’s 2022 album, Humble Quest.

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